Being an avid computer user, you should learn what are the common driver problems & how to fix them. Before we jump on to the solutions, it would be a nice move to know the common driver problems first, so you are aware of which solution is appropriate for a specific problem.

  • By executing this command you will be copying registry files from Windows\System32\Config\RegBack folder to Windows\System32\Config\ folder.
  • Be sore the DVD is completely clean and dry before re-inserting into the CD/DVD drive.
  • USB drives and other removable storage devices can contain viruses and spread them to your computer.

An external hard drive is absolutely one way to do it. This is why factory recovery disks are important, because you boot from the recovery disk, not the hard drive. However depending on what the factory recovery does, you still might have a problem.

Fix problem With This Windows Installer Package Error

That doesn’t mean viruses aren’t out there, however — so be careful what code you execute. Macintosh computers are vulnerable to viruses and require updates, just as Windows computers do.

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This would result in performance and stability problems, or even prevent Windows from starting at all. In the simplest terms, the Windows registry is a database of settings and selections.

Allow the process to run and follow suggestions if any appears on the screen. In the Run box, enter regedit and click OK to launch the command. WinRAR will start repairing of corrupt RAR archive. Repair your Windows Registry completely with an advanced anti-malware tool doing only a few mouse clicks. HKEY_USERS or HKU – This key collects all information about the preferences of each user who has a login account for a given computer.

In 1984 Fred Cohen from the University of Southern California wrote his paper “Computer Viruses – Theory and Experiments”. It was the first paper to explicitly call a self-reproducing program a “virus”, a term introduced by Cohen’s mentor Leonard Adleman. In 1987, Fred Cohen published a demonstration that there is no algorithm that can perfectly detect all possible viruses. Fred Cohen’s theoretical compression virus was an example of a virus which was not malicious software , but was putatively benevolent (well-intentioned). However, antivirus professionals do not accept the concept of “benevolent viruses”, as any desired function can be implemented without involving a virus . Any virus will by definition make unauthorised changes to a computer, which is undesirable even if no damage is done or intended. The first page of Dr Solomon’s Virus Encyclopaedia explains the undesirability of viruses, even those that do nothing but reproduce.

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